About Us

Welcome to our side-splitting online hub! Discover a goldmine of hilarious jokes, witty puns, and classic dad jokes that’ll tickle your funny bone and become your ultimate laughter destination!

Meet the dynamic duo behind Surely Joking – Justin and Joanne. They’re the masterminds who have brought you a never-ending supply of laughter and joy through their passion for jokes, puns, and pop culture. Let’s get to know them a little better:

1. Justin Jayce – The Joker Extraordinaire

With a mischievous twinkle in his eye and a quick wit to match, Justin Jayce is the comedic genius behind Surely Joking. From a young age, Justin found himself naturally drawn to the art of humor. His ability to turn everyday situations into uproarious tales and his knack for creating puns on the spot left his friends and family in stitches.

Justin’s love for pop culture and his keen observation of the world around him inspired him to create a platform where people from all walks of life could come together to share a laugh. Armed with a vast collection of jokes ranging from classic one-liners to pun-filled punchlines, Justin’s ultimate mission is to spread joy and happiness through the magic of humor.

When he’s not busy crafting the funniest jokes on the internet, you can find Justin exploring the latest movies, indulging in stand-up comedy specials, or challenging his friends to a hilarious game of wordplay.

2. Joanne Sterling – The Punny Wordsmith

If wit were a superpower, Joanne Sterling would be the reigning queen. Her mastery of puns and wordplay is unmatched, making her an integral part of the Surely Joking team. Joanne’s fascination with language and her natural talent for crafting puns has turned her into the go-to person for all things clever and comical.

Behind the scenes, Joanne curates and refines the vast collection of puns that grace the pages of Surely Joking. With an eye for detail and a dedication to delivering top-notch content, she ensures that each pun has just the right amount of charm to leave audiences laughing out loud.

In her free time, Joanne can be found exploring bookstores and watching her favorite shows on Netflix.

Together, They’re a Laughter Riot!

United by their love for humor and their desire to bring joy to people’s lives, Justin and Joanne make the perfect pair to run Surely Joking. Their combined passion for jokes, puns, and pop culture creates an ever-growing treasury of laughter for visitors to enjoy.