Chin Jokes

Tilt your heads just right, folks, because we’re about to dive beneath the nose and above the neck, plunging into the delightful dimples of chin humor! Often overshadowed by its nosy neighbor above or its talkative twin below, the chin holds secrets (and sometimes, a few extra ones) to some of the most cheeky comedy around. From iconic clefts to the famed double, this collection of chin jokes promises to keep your laughter on the chin-up! Ready to chin-chuckle? Let’s dive in!

Best Chin Jokes

How do you say ‘lose weight’ in Chinese? Chin tu phat

That guy told me he didnt know which chin to wear today so he wore them all.

That guy has more chins than a chinese phonebook.

“You know what they say about big chins?

Wow thats a big chin.”

“Its not my fault I have a double-chin… When God was giving out chins..

I thought he said Gin so I said I’ll have a double.”

Chin up pal, there are worse looking people out there.

Chin? I thought you had an orange in your throat. But, seriously, you ain’t got a chin.

Chuck Norris doesn’t have a chin. Just another fist under his beard.

Don’t worry you’re not fat! Come on chin up. Both of them

Knock Knock Who’s there! Chin! Chin who? Chin up. I’m not going to tell you any more knock knocks!

I’m not saying my girlfriend’s fat but she’s got so many double chins it looks like she’s staring at you over a plate of pancakes.

What do you call a fat psychic? A 4-chin teller

“I don’t know if you ever tuck your knees under your chin and lean forward as far as you can, but I do it all the time.

It’s how I roll.”

“What do you call a wizard who kisses just below the chin?

A neck romancer.”

“Dear America, Keep Your Chins Up. Love, Australia

Both of them.”

“I bumped into Thanos and laughed really hard at the size of his chin and forehead…

He snapped”

“I caught my chin shaving in the mirror.

That’s when I knew the LSD had kicked in.”

“Husband: I don’t like three things about you. Wife: What things?

Husband: Your chin.”

I was gonna roast you about your chin but I didn’t know witch one to talk about.

“Me: Wanna hear a joke about my chin?

Friend: Nah, dude. It’ll be too long.”

Your forehead is so big, that your face touches your chin

What do u call a guy with a long chin. Chino-Chinese

“My girlfriend told me she’s sad because she’s put on a bit of weight

I told her to keep her chins up”

Wow, you did 10 chin ups? Was it 1 for each chin?

“What do you say to a fat Asian?

you got more chins then a Chinese phone book”

Fat teachers be like: I hope you’re paying a ten chin.

Star Wars jokes: Qui gon Chinn, mace chindo, chinbakka, darth chinious, anachin skywalker

You must work at McDonald’s because you have a McDouble chin.

“Why did the razorbill raise her bill?

To let the sea urchin see her chin.”

“What do you call the list of most grossly obese people in the world?

Four-chin 500.”

“What do you call it when there are 20 people but only 10 of them have chins?

A ten chin deficit.”

“Lady goes into a day spa for a milk bath, the attendant asks, ” Do you prefer your milk pasteurized?”

“No thanks, just up to my chin please.”

“Did you hear about the guy who got a metal jaw replacement?

He just did it for a tin chin.”

“What do you call an animal that makes your chin really really cold?

A chinchilla.”

“Why are people with extra neck fat very daring?

Because four chin favors the brave.”

“Did you hear about the Chinese baker who is morbidly obese?

He specializes in four chin cookies.”

“What flowers grow between your nose and your chin?

Two lips.”

What do you call a greedy Asian? Chin Ching.

Some kids called me fatty as I walked down the street today. I just turned the other chin.

What’s black and white and goes round and round? A penguin in the washing machine.

Mr. Wong and Ms. Chin get married and have a baby. The baby comes out white. Being a little confused, Mr. Wong asks the doctor about this. Doctor says, “Two wongs make a white”.

I don’t have friend … I just have chins.

My name is Carl Mellors, and I’m better known as the Crimson Chin.

Born with one chin, then doubled it.

I have a big chin! Thus you are inferior.

How much is Arin Hanson worth? a four-chin.

Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin, if you ain’t giving head, you ain’t getting in.

What is the device which is used to cool the lower jaws of south american rodents? A chinchilla chin chiller

Did you hear about the obese millionaire? He has a four chin.

“My physiotherapist has told me I need to stop doing most bodyweight exercises

He told me to keep my chin up though.”

“Tho my friends plastic surgery went horribly wrong…

He’s keeping his chins up.”

“I’ve been changing pillowcases all day…

Boy is my chin tired.”

What type of cookies do fat people eat? Four chin cookies.

What’s the most encouraging calisthenic? Chin-ups!

“Our Chinese baker is morbidly obese.

He specializes in four chin cookies.”

What do you call a chin with no teeth? A gumsucker!

What do you call a chin with no hair? A baldy!

What do you call a chin with no nose? A smeller!

“I don’t always wear shirts this small

But when I do, my chin holds it up for me”

Mr. Chin decided to look for new opportunities after being knighted by the queen. He is now Sir Chin.

Chin Jokes

In the sprawling metropolis of facial feature humor, the chin, arguably, is the quiet neighborhood that suddenly sprouts the trendiest comedy cafes. It’s not as vocal as the mouth or as expressive as the eyes, but oh, does it pack a punch(line)! Think about it. We’ve all heard quips like, “Why was the chin so good at making decisions? It always pointed things out!” The chin, that steadfast anchor of our face, not only supports our expressions but also lends itself to some chin-tastically funny narratives.

Consider the universality of chin jokes. On the school playground, there’s the innocent fun of kids giggling about someone’s double chin being a ‘secret stash for snacks’. At adult gatherings, jests might revolve around the famous ‘chin-ups’ at the gym, with the tongue-in-cheek question: “How many chin-ups can a chin do if a chin could do chin-ups?” These jokes are as much about poking fun at language as they are about the facial feature in question. The chin, in its silent stoicism, becomes the muse for myriad mirthful musings.

And then, there’s the iconic ‘thinking chin-stroke’, an action that has inspired countless comedic situations. Picture this scenario: “Why did the comedian touch his chin after every joke? He was checking for laughter lines!” There’s a deep-seated cultural imagery here. The philosopher lost in thought, stroking his chin, suddenly becomes the clueless student in math class, using the same gesture to hide his utter confusion.

Ultimately, chin jokes celebrate that often overlooked part of our anatomy that boldly faces the world. They remind us to find humor in the mundane, to laugh at ourselves, and to appreciate the quirks that make us unique. Whether it’s chuckling over a friend’s beard that’s ‘a chin’s version of a luxury blanket’ or the mythical hero with a chin ‘so chiseled it could sculpt statues’, chin humor offers a fresh perspective on life’s little details. So, the next time you find yourself pondering life’s complexities or just admiring your reflection, remember to give a nod to that chin of yours. For in its curves, clefts, and chinspirations, lies a world of unexplored comedic gold!

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