Ginger Jokes

Greetings, humor hunters! Ready to embark on a sizzling journey through the world of ginger jokes? With fiery manes that can outshine the sun and personalities to match, our beloved redheads have sparked a unique brand of humor as vibrant as their locks. From playful jests about their sun-sensitive nature to their supposed ability to conjure magic (because, seriously, that hair IS magical), ginger jokes are a delightful blaze of wit and whimsy. Whether you’re a proud ginger or just a fan, strap in for some sun-kissed humor. Warning: these jokes might just be too hot to handle! 

Best Ginger Jokes

What’s the difference between a Ginger and a vampire? One is a pale, bloodsucking creature that avoids the sun. The other is a vampire.

If someone tells you a secret and says not to tell a soul, can you tell a ginger?

What’s the difference between a shoe and a ginger? A shoe has a soul.

Whats the difference between a ginger and a snake? One is an evil, coldblooded, venomous, slimy creature of Satan, and the other is a snake

What do gingers miss most about a great party? The invitation.

How do you get a ginger into an argument? Say something to them.

Whats the difference between a ginger and a calender? The calender has dates.

How many potatoes does it take to kill a ginger? None

Why aren’t gingers afraid of hell? They already spent an eternity burning in sunlight.

Knock knock. Who’s there? A Ginger. Go away!

What did the moon have in common with Gingers last night? It was blood red and hid from the sun.

This girl is on fire? I don’t know Alicia Keys, maybe she is just a Ginger.

Why do Gingers smell so bad? So blind people can hate them too.

You say “tall redhead.” I say “gingeraffe.” They’re basically the same thing.

Why is One Direction so popular? Because none of them are Gingers.

How do you confuse a Ginger? Send them a friend request on Facebook.

Why is the “don’t walk” light at crosswalks red? So Gingers know when it’s their turn to walk.

What do Gingers call fire extinguishers? Hairspray.

I always knew Santa was a Ginger. Only redheads go white instead of grey.

What do you call two gingers fighting? … Wortel Combat

“My wife told me to get our ginger son ready for his first day at school.

So I punched him in the face and stole his lunchmoney.”

“What’s the best thing about being Ginger?

You know you weren’t adopted”

What do you call a ginger with 2 friends. Lucky

“What do you call a battle between two redheads?

Ginger Beef.”

“Why do ginger people sunburn easily?

It’s nature’s way of telling them they should be locked indoors.”

What do you call a cute kid with Ginger parents? Adopted.

Did you hear about the lady who fell in love with a ginger ale salesman? She was Schwepped off her feet.

What disease do you contract if you are bitten by a redhead? Ginger-vitis.

What do you call it when a red-head makes alcohol? Ginger Ale.

What restaurant uses the most ginger? Wendy’s.

What’s Ginger’s favorite iPhone game? Angry Birds.

What do you call a redhead suffering from a yeast infection? Gingerbread.

What do you call a redhead that suffers a psychotic break? A ginger snap.

What causes a ginger joke to become a hate crime? Dyslexia.

What sport should you never play if you’re a ginger? Bullfighting.

“Why did God create people who are color blind?

So that someone would make friends with ginger children.”

“Why are there no redheads in the capital of South Korea?

Because gingers have no soul, and Seoul has no gingers.”

Why didn’t the ginger cross the road? He ran out of sunscreen.

What book series would never turn a woman on? 50 Shades of Ginger.

What do you call a handsome young man with ginger parents? Adopted.

What’s a good nickname for a ginger with asthma? Wheeze-ly.

What do a ginger’s sex life and an ancient volcano have in common? They’re both inactive.

What do you call a ginger child who’s really good at karate? The Carroty Kid.

What is the difference between a ginger and a terrorist? You can at least negotiate with the terrorist.

What does one call a ginger with an attitude? Normal.

How can you get a ginger’s mood to change? You don’t. It’s already foul.

How do you know a ginger has been using your PC? Your monitor is all cracked up.

What do you call a ginger at a wedding? Unwelcome.

What do you call a ginger whose phone is blowing up on a Friday night? Shocked.

Why are the Harry Potter films so unrealistic? A ginger has two friends.

How does a ginger high five? They clap.

Have you heard the one about a ginger with friends? Me neither.

If you’re a ginger, your opinion is always invalid.

“Why are gingers like guns?

Keep one around long enough, and you’re going to want to shoot it.”

How does a ginger answer her phone on a Saturday night? Wrong number

“How do you describe a ginger in deep thought?

They’re trying to figure out where their soul is.”

“What’s the difference between a ginger and a vegetable?

One’s brain dead and the other is good for you”

“How many Ginger people does it take to change a lightbulb?

None. They prefer to sit in the dark.”

“As a ginger person, I find tanning to be easy

I just go sit underneath the full moon.”

What is a ginger’s wish? To grow grey early

“Some say that beer is soda with soul…

No wonder ginger ale isn’t alcoholic!”

“Why was the ginger angry with the manager of the hardware store?

Her smoke detector didn’t come with a snooze button.”

What do gingers look forward to later on in life? Grey Hair

How does a ginger person know that he is a working-class? When his television is bigger than his bookcase. 

The difference between a brick and ginger is at least the brick gets laid. 

Why don’t gingers visit Pamplona, Spain in July? Running of the Bulls

How can you change the mood of a ginger? (by waiting for ten seconds)

What is the similarity between gingers and guns? (when you keep either of them for an extended period, you will want to shoot it) 

What is typical between the gingers and the extinct dinosaurs? (both of them are never enough)

Which train are the gingers not allowed to ride? (the soul train)

What type of beds do ginger people sleep on? (they sleep on temper-pedics)

How does a ginger person answer his telephone during a Saturday night? (wrong number) 

How can you get a redhead to argue with you? (just say something) 

Two gingers are in a car. Who is driving? The constable.

What do you call two redheads on mars? Locals.

What do you call a redhead with a yeast infection? Gingerbread.

The police caught a serial killer who targeted gingers. At his trial, he kept insisting he’d never harmed a soul.

The next time you make fun of a ginger, put yourself in their shoes. You’ll know how bad it hurts to not have a soul.

My kids cried when I told them I had put ginger in the curry. They loved that cat.

Ginger Jokes

In the colorful spectrum of hair humor, there’s a shade that is not just fiery but downright incandescent—enter the world of ginger jokes. Redheads, with their sunlit locks, aren’t just turning heads; they’re also sparking a brand of humor as intense as their tresses. From ancient myths to modern pop culture, redheads have been associated with everything from mystical powers to fiery tempers. And, in the realm of humor, these fiery folks have been playfully roasted (not sunburned!) to produce some truly scorching jokes.

What sets ginger jokes apart? Well, it’s a vibrant blend of history, stereotype, and sheer charisma. Throughout history, redheads have been seen as everything from wizards and witches to tempestuous heroes, and today’s jests playfully tap into that lore. “Why was the ginger bad at chess? She was too used to being a queen!” Such jests celebrate the redhead’s regality while adding a contemporary twist. Then there are the playful teases about their unique attributes, like their famed sensitivity to the sun. “How do gingers enjoy a sunny day? From the shade, with a touch of SPF 1000!” These quips underline a sense of camaraderie, where gingers worldwide nod in sun-protected solidarity.

But beyond the jests and jabs, there’s an underlying affection in ginger jokes. They’re not merely about poking fun but celebrating an identity. After all, with merely 2% of the world’s population being natural redheads, they’re practically unicorns! And you know what they say about unicorns—they’re magical. The same holds true for redheads. “Why did the ginger go to art school? Because her life was already a masterpiece!” It’s this potent mix of self-awareness, pride, and humor that makes ginger jokes so endearing.

The universe of ginger jokes is more than just a play on their fiery features; it’s a celebration of a rare and radiant identity. It underscores the beauty of diversity and the shared joy of humor. So, whether you’re blessed with crimson curls or just an admirer from afar, relish these ginger jests. They’re a testament to the fact that while gingers might be a minority in the world, when it comes to lighting up a room (with humor or their luminous locks), they’re second to none!

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