Helicopter Puns

Helicopters: the world’s answer to the age-old question, “What if we combined fans with aircraft?” As we hover over the terrain of humor, there’s no way to fly past the whirly world of helicopter puns without getting caught in a gust of giggles. If you’ve ever wanted your humor to reach new heights or just fancied a spin on the comedic rotors, you’re in for a turbulent treat. Strap in, ensure your seat belt is fastened, and get ready for a pun-tastic lift-off that promises not just aerial views, but aero-laughs!

Best Helicopter Puns

A hellicopter is a collection of spare parts flying in loose formation around an oil leak

Why did the helicopter go to the psychiatrist? Because he was having rotor-affective disorder!

“What does the helicopter do when it’s excited?


What’s the difference between a helicopter and a vulture? A vulture only needs one engine to fly!

“What did the airplane say to the helicopter?

Mad props, yo!”

“A man walked into a bar and asked for helicopter flavoured and crisps…

Sorry sir, we only have plane!”

“I’ve heard of helicopter parents…

But I’ve yet to meet a baby helicopter.”

How do flat-earthers travel the world? On a Helicopter.

What is up in the air and wobbles? Helicopter Jelly

What do you call a helicopter with no radar and no windows? A Helenkelicopter.

I wrote a book about helicopters. It really took off.

Why don’t helicopters fly in the morning? Twirly.

Never shave in a helicopter… Unless you want Apache beard

Did you hear the one about the helicopter? Never mind, it would go over your head.

What do you call a police helicopter? A heli-copper.

“You know that air that is generated by helicopter rotors when they are spinning really fast? Did you know that it’s not normal air?

It’s helicopt-air”

Why did the helicopter fly into the ground? Because the heavencopter was the one in the sky!

Hey you know those silent stealth helicopters? No. Haven’t heard of those.

What’s wrong with Mickey Mouse’s helicopter? Disneyland

“Did you know that an helicopters propeller serves to keep the pilot cool?

Because when it stops the pilot starts sweating.”

“My life peaked when I got to fly a helicopter.

Unfortunately its been a downward spiral ever since.”

“why does the helicopter shave every day

He grows apache beard”

I’m an helicopter instructor. It has its ups and downs

“Life is like a helicopter

I have no idea how to operate a helicopter”

“Why do you always see a helicopter outside the White House?

Because it’s too big to fit inside.”

What is a fleet of helicopters called? Hellacopters

What do you call a helicopter made of old fabric? An apatche

“Did you hear about the helicopter crew who rescued a CNN reporter?

It was on r/upliftingnews”

“What do underpants and helicopters have in common?

In an emergency they both have to go down.”

“What do you get when you combine a helicopter and a rhinoceros?

Hell if I know.”

Helicopters are like magic carpets, taking me to new adventures 

“Son In Iraq I killed 15 people. Son: Dad you were a helicopter mechanic

Dad:Never said I was a good one”

Two cows on a hill. One cow ask the other, have you herd of the mad cow disease? The other cow says, yeah, but why do I care? I’m a helicopter!

Did you hear what’s happened with Mickey Mouses new helicopter? It Disney Land

Magicians in The Future “I need a volunteer. Hmm… Yes, you! The attack helicopter in the red shirt!”

What do you call a helicopter with a bad paint job? A patchy gunship

Do you know how the French came up with the word for helicopter? Hey Look Up There!

Where do Russian helicopter pilots keep their drinks? In Akula

Life is a lot like a helicopter. I have no clue how to operate it.

What do you call it when a helicopter pilot reflects on his life? HINDsight

“Two helicopters were guests on the Jerry Springer show.

One told the other, “”By the way, I was born a flybar.”””

What did one helicopter say to the other??? Nothing, helicopters don’t talk!

Why do helicopters fly? Because they are so ugly, not even the ground wants them.

“For a while I didn’t have a car…I had a helicopter…no place to park it, so I just tied it to a lamp post and left it running…”

What did the helicopter say when it landed in the shopping mall parking lot? “Rotor here often?”

Why did the helicopter bring a ladder? It wanted to rise to new heights!

My friend fell in love with a helicopter pilot. She said it was a whirlwind romance!

Did you hear about the helicopter that became an actor? It finally got its big break!

Why did the helicopter use the gym? It wanted to stay in chopper shape!

What do you call a helicopter that makes a lot of mistakes? An oopsicopter!

What do you call it when a group of helicopters flies together? A helicopter-palooza!

What did the helicopter say to the clown? “You’re rotor-ious!”

What type of music do helicopters like? Heli-coptop!

How do helicopters communicate? Helibeam me up, Scotty!

What do you call a helicopter with a cold? A heli-coughter!

My friend started a business selling helicopters. It’s really starting to take off.

I dropped my phone from the top of the Eiffel Tower. It’s okay, it was in airplane mode.

“What do you call a fast food company that also manufactures airliners?

McDonald’s Douglas.”

What do you call Harry Potter in a plane? The flying sorcerer.

Why was the airplane ill? It had the flew!

Helicopter Puns

Ah, helicopter puns! The high-flying world of humor where the sky isn’t the limit; the punchline is. Just as helicopters effortlessly hover over skyscrapers and scenic landscapes, helicopter puns dance delicately between playful jest and a whirlwind of wit. No other form of transportation gets quite the same spin in the pun world. Planes may soar, but helicopters? They whirl, twirl, and give our jokes a swirl!

Ever met a helicopter that’s an expert in music? They’re renowned for their ‘chopper’ tunes! Or how about the one that went to school? It wanted to be a ‘heli-copter’! Jokes like these are prime examples of why helicopters are, hands down, the most uplifted in comedic aviation. Their versatility in the air is just as versatile in the realm of humor. Whether you’re talking about their blades or the way they can make a sudden landing in unexpected places, there’s a pun waiting to be spun.

Yet, diving deeper, there’s an elegance to these jokes. Helicopters represent a feat of engineering, a marriage of physics and fantasy. They’re like dragonflies of the modern world, with their ability to hover and zip in any direction, defying our earth-bound limitations. So, too, do helicopter puns defy the limitations of typical humor, inviting us to see the world from a different perspective, a more elevated viewpoint. They ask us not just to laugh, but to appreciate the cleverness of linking language and concept in unexpected ways.

So, the next time someone tells you they’re “rotorly” in love with helicopters, remember: it’s not just about the airborne machines that defy gravity—it’s about the wordplay that elevates our spirits. With each twirling pun, we’re reminded that humor, like helicopters, has the power to uplift us, to make us hover for a moment above the mundane, and enjoy a good laugh while we’re up there.

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