Lime Puns

In the grand citrus circus of humor, nothing quite zests up the comedic palette like a good lime pun! Perfect for those moments when life hands you limes and you’re just not in the mood for a margarita. Why should lemons get all the limelight, when our green little friends are bursting with pun-tential? Whether you’re looking to pucker up someone’s spirits or just want to add a tangy twist to your repertoire of jokes, prepare to have your zest-y appetite satiated. Dive into this juicy world of lime-inspired levity and let the pun fun begin!

Best Lime Puns

What time is it when you urgently need a lime joke? Lime time.

Lime and laughter make the best combination.

“What did the head cook say to the kitchen staff who threw out a box of limes?

“You’re out of lime!””

“Why did the lime get a DUI?

He was driving in the wrong lime!”

“What do you call a lime whose job is to perform for and entertain the king?

The court zester.”

What do you call a lime in the basement? Sublime.

What do you call a rock made of limes? A limestone.

um so what do you call a lime that’s past its prime? i don’t know, i couldn’t think of a punchlime

What do you get when a lime makes you sick? Lime Disease

Why should you never call a Brit a limey? It’s offensive to limes.

My friend was not happy with the lime juice the waiter brought. He thought it was sub-lime!

Lime to be bold and embrace your citrusy side

You made it just in lime.

It’s lime to party.

We have a di-lime-a.

Lime me up, I’m ready to conquer the world!

We’re imp-lime-nting a new strategy.

A lime’s favorite mantra is, “Squeeze the day.”

Young limes go to e-lime-ntary school.

Be careful because there’s inc-lime-nt weather.

Thank you for the comp-lime-nt.

Why was the lemon so green? Because it came down with lime disease.

Let’s add some lime-nality to our conversations.

Why was the lime not allowed to join the orchestra? Because it was not able to keep lime with the other musicians.

What made the lime decide to go to the doctor? He didn’t peel very well.

Why do limes always say no when they are asked if they would like to watch Pulp Fiction? Because it sounds like a horror movie.

My friend was parched, so I threw her a soda, which I thought for sure she would catch. Unfortunately, Sierra Mist.

What do you call a mixture of tomatoes, avocados and lime disease? Guacoma!

What do you get when multiple limes collide? Citrus entanglement.

Why do kids not like lime in their pastries? Because it is a bit too tart.

What do you call a comedy duo consisting of a banana and a lime? Key and Peele!

Lime me up before you go-go.

You’re the lime-light of my life.

Don’t be a sourpuss, try some lime!

When life gives you limes, make margaritas.

I like my lime the way I like my humor: dry and bitter.

I never trust anyone who orders a lime cordial instead of lime juice.

I tried to start a new liming group, but it never took off. It’s just a bit too acidic.

Let’s take this relationship to the next lime-vel.

I put lime in my pants to make them tangy. They were now lime-denim jeans.

Lime-nade out of lemons? Nah, I prefer lime-nade all the way!

“My wife just shoved a key lime pie in my face and stormed out of the house!

I’ve been desserted!”

“What did Pete Townsend say when Roger Daltrey told him that he’d lost his favorite old lime-colored belt?

“”Relax. It’s only a green, aged, waistband.”””

What did one lime say to the other? We make quite a refreshing pair!

“I was doing a crossword the other day and my girlfriend asked “”What’s the clue?”” I said “”Lemon and lime carbonated drink “” she replied “” 7up ?””

I said “”Nah three across””…”

“What did the lime say when he caught a STD

I got lemonaids”

“What do you call a lime that opens doors?

A Key Lime.”

“How can you tell if someone has the Coronavirus?

They have a lime stuck in their ear.”

“What does the band Toto say when it orders a gin tonic?

Hold the lime!”

“Who did the lemon rob the bank with?

His partner in lime.”

“I once knew a rapper who used cannabis infused citrus as chewing tobacco

He spat some dope limes”

Why did the lime go to school? To get a little extra “juice-cation”!

What’s a lime’s favorite Christmas carol? “Lime-roasting on an open fire!”

Why are unripe limes so great? They are sublime

Why did the lime refuse to play cards with the lemon? It didn’t want to be squeezed!

“What did the Apple say to the lemon & lime when he found out they were correct?

Yeah, I guess you’re Sprite”

Why are lemons safer than limes? There’s no such thing as lemon’s disease.

Why did the lime file a police report? It got squeezed in a citrusy crime!

What do you call a lime that’s a comedian? A “lime-y stand-up”!

What goes well with lime? A bean.

What’s a lime’s favorite type of music? Squeeze-ic!

What did the lime say to the other lime on Valentine’s day? Lime yours!

Why did the lime prefer darkness? It didn’t want to be in the limelight.

Why does the lime train every day? It wants to be the zest.

What did the lime say to comfort the other? Lime here for you.

Why did the lime go to the doctor? Because it was feeling a little acidic.

What did the lime say to the lemon? Sour you doing?

What do you get when you cross a lime and a coconut? A tropical drink.

Why did the lime break up with the lemon? It was too sour for its taste.

What do you call a lime that’s been juiced? A lime-aid.

Lime Puns

In the orchard of humor, limes have always been the underappreciated fruit, silently casting envious glances at their cousins, the lemons, who often steal the limelight with their zesty zingers. But delve into the world of lime puns, and you’ll find that these green gems have been quietly packing a punch(line). Rich in flavor and versatility, limes make for an unexpectedly fertile ground for hilarity. So, let’s not waste another moment and peel back the layers of this juicy humor.

Ah, the lime. A tiny fruit that has somehow found its way into some of our favorite foods and drinks. From key lime pies to mojitos, their tangy presence is undeniable. But their impact doesn’t stop at tantalizing our taste buds; their zestful nature spills over into the world of humor. Have you ever wondered how a lime introduces itself to a lemon? “Lime yours!” Or what you get when you cross a dog and a lime? A sub-lime bark! The possibilities are endless when you squeeze out every ounce of pun potential from this citrusy sensation.

Moreover, as the world turns more global, the fusion of limes with other cultures has produced some epic puns. Ever been to a Mexican restaurant and heard about the lime who finished a race? He was the lime-champion! And what do you call a lime that sings? A sour note! These puns might have a tart edge, but they’re undeniably sweet in tickling your funny bone.

As we roll out of this lime-light, remember, every fruit has its day. Limes might be small in stature, but their capacity to stir laughter is as boundless as their zest. The next time you’re sipping on that lime-infused beverage or digging into a tangy dish, remember the humble lime’s comedic potential. Raise your glasses to these tiny green warriors of wit, and let their zest infuse not just your dishes, but your conversations too!

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