Monkey Around with Top Monkey Puns: Laugh Out Loud Humor

Hold onto your bananas, readers! 🍌 We’re about to swing into the uproarious realm of monkey puns, where humor meets hairy primates in the most hilarious of ways. Ever wondered why monkeys are the kings and queens of comedy in the animal kingdom? Because they have ape-peal, of course! From cheeky chimps to guffawing gorillas, we’re here to serve a cocktail of fun that’s guaranteed to drive you bananas! Whether you’re a simian enthusiast or just here for the giggles, brace yourself – because things are about to get pun-key! 🐒 Let’s monkey around with words and get this party started!

Best Monkey Puns

What do you call a monkey who won’t behave? A bad-boon.

Why did the monkey almost get fired? It took him awhile to get in the swing of things

What do you get when you cross a monkey and a peach? You get an ape-ricot.

What do you call a monkey in a minefield? A ba-BOOM!

Where do monkeys make their burgers? On the g(o)rill-a.

What does a monkey drink with its breakfast? Ape juice

What is a monkey’s favorite book? Apes of Wrath.

What kind of keys never unlock anything? Monkeys, turkeys, and donkeys.

How did the gorilla fix its bike? With a monkey wrench.

What did the banana do when it saw a horde of hungry monkeys? Split.

What kind of key opens a banana? A monkey.

What kind of monkey likes potato chips? A chipmunk

What do you call a monkey at the North Pole? Lost

What do you call a monkey that flies? A hot-air baboon

When you need to talk with your enemies to get information, you had better be gorilling them.

“Time to engage in some gorilla warfare.”

When people get mad at you just say, ‘Monkey see, monkey do’.

If you get mad at someone else say, ‘I’m gonna make a monkey out of you!’

Always talk about your nephew. And when people ask why you’re talking about him say, ‘Well I am a monkey’s uncle!’

What do you call it when a monkey does Xanax? Monkey bars

What do you call it when a monkey feels sorry for another monkey? Chimpathetic

What do you call two monkeys that share an Amazon account? Prime mates.

What to you call a winning monkey? A Chimpion!

It’s not a chopper with ape hangers, it’s a scooter with monkey bars.

The only type of butter monkeys cook with is mon-ghee.

A monkey’s favorite type of cookie is a chocolate chimp cookie.

Monkeys wear ape-rons when they cook.

A monkey’s favorite month is Ape-ril.

To grab a drink, monkeys go to the monkey bar.

Monkeys get their gossip from the ape-vine.

An angry monkey is known as Furious George.

A monkey that explores and goes on voyages is Christopher Colobus.

We’ll start off with ape-tizers.

Monkeys celebrate with chimp-agne.

While cooking, monkeys wear ape-rons.

A monkey’s favorite Christmas song is Jungle Bells.

I’m ape-solutely excited to see monkeys at the zoo.

After watching Mary Poppins, the monkey sang, “Chimp chimp-iney, chimp chimp-iney, chimp chimp chimp-ee.”

I’m grateful for your friend-chimp.

That deserves a round of ape-lause.

A baby monkey is a chimp off the old block.

An evil monkey is a demon-key.

Santa goes down the chimp-ney.

The local business is a part of the chimp-er of commerce.

What do you call a baby monkey? chimp off the old block

Why don’t monkeys play cards in the jungle? There are too many cheetahs around.

Did you hear about that dumb party in the jungle? Someone forgot to bring the chimps and dip.

What did the monkey say when someone cut off its tail? It won’t be long now.

Why do monkeys love bananas? Because they have appeal.

What does a banana do when it sees a monkey? The banana splits.

What kind of monkey likes seafood? A shrimpanzee.

What kind of underwear do monkeys wear? Chimpantsies.

Why did the monkey like the banana? Because it had appeal.

Why don’t monkeys wear pocket watches? Because they don’t wear pants.

How do you get a one-armed monkey out of a tree? Wave to it.

If you were in the jungle and a gorilla charged you, what should you do? Pay him.

If a monkey has thirty bananas in one hand and forty bananas in the other hand, what does he have? Very big hands.

How do monkeys get down the stairs? They slide down the banana-ster.

Where do monkeys go when they lose their tails? To a retailer.

How do you catch a monkey? Climb a tree and act like a banana.

What happens when you double cross a monkey? They go bananas.

Don’t be a cheeky monkey and tell me your name!

What do you call a monkey with a fever? A hot monkeying!

What do you call a crowd of monkeys? An Orangatangle

What do you call a monkey that can solve math problems? A pun-king ape!

What do you call a monkey that knows sign language? A palm reader

What do you call a monkey with a broken leg? A castaway!

What is a monkey’s favorite vegetable? A punny.

What do you call a monkey with a big ego? A monkeynaut!

What do you call a monkey that doesn’t have any friends? A lonely lemur!

Monkey Puns

Monkeys: our distant cousins with an affinity for treetop antics and a surprising prowess for sparking humor in the human psyche. These furry jesters of the jungle have long been a source of inspiration for playful puns. In fact, one could argue that when it comes to humor, monkeys truly know how to “ape” it up! With tails (or tales) that can rival the longest vines they swing on, monkey puns have carved a deep groove in the world of wordplay. Whether you’re discussing a chimp’s impeccable sense of style (“so chic, it’s almost simian chic!”) or a lazy orangutan (“he’s just loung-utan around”), you’re bound to find a pun that tickles your funny bone.

The world of monkeys is ripe with opportunities for puns. Consider their daily activities: swinging from branches, engaging in animated grooming sessions, or even munching on fruits. Each action becomes a comedic goldmine. Have you ever observed the intense focus of a monkey peeling a banana? It’s almost as if they’re saying, “I’m on a strict diet, just fruits and monkey business.” Or consider the tight-knit relationships in a monkey troop. When they huddle together for warmth or protection, it’s not just survival—it’s a true “primate gathering”!

Then there’s the visual comedy they naturally present. Their exaggerated expressions, whether it’s the wide-eyed curiosity of a capuchin or the contemplative frown of a silverback gorilla, can often mirror our own human quirks in an amusing fashion. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a monkey’s facial expression is worth a thousand puns. Who hasn’t seen a mischievous monkey’s grin and thought, “Now there’s a plot being hatched!” Or watched as a young monkey pesters its elder and mused, “Ah, youth, always monkeying around!”

In the grand scheme of things, monkey puns do more than just elicit a chuckle or two. They bridge the gap between our structured, human world and the wild spontaneity of nature. These playful jibes remind us of our evolutionary roots, the innate curiosity we share with our primate pals, and the simple joys of life. While we may sometimes feel we’re worlds apart, a good monkey pun brings us back, reminding us that at heart, we’re all just looking for a reason to smile, laugh, and perhaps, swing from the occasional tree (metaphorically, of course!). So, the next time life throws you a curveball, just think of a monkey pun and remember: It’s all in good fun!

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