Otter Jokes

Get ready to “otterly” enjoy a collection of jokes that are sure to have you rolling on the riverbank! When it comes to humor, otters don’t just play around with rocks and shells; they juggle punchlines with finesse too. From their whiskered grins to their slippery wit, otters have slid into the hearts of comedy lovers everywhere.

Best Otter Jokes

“Where do otters come from?

Otter space.”

It’s not an Otter. It’s stoat-aly different.

“There’s no otter like you

You’re otterly amazing”

I told my dad I saw an otter eating lunch meat. He said “Ah baloney!”

A zoo heist requires at least two otters: the plotter and the spotter.

“Why was the otter on a spaceship?

To get to otter space.”

“What’s an otter’s favorite car?

Anything ottermatic.”

“What happened to the company that made an otter the CEO?

They went otter business.”

“What do you call an otter with a fever?


“What do you call an otter living in another otter’s dam?

A squ-otter.”

Why did the otter cross the river? To get to the otter side.

What animal would you most like to be on a cold day? A little otter.

Did you hear that some aquatic mammals escaped from the zoo? It was otter chaos!

What do you call an otter that just got glasses? A see otter.

What did the principal say to the two otters in his office? “You otter be ashamed of yourselves.”

What does a shaved otter look like? Odder.

What do you call a sea otter with an earbud in each ear? Anything you want; she can’t hear you.

I get beavers and similar animals mixed up… I otter know better.

What do you call an otter with a cold? A snotter.

Where do otters keep their money? In a riverbank.

What do you call an otter with magic powers who wears glasses? Harry p-Otter.

What do you call an otter’s life story? Their otter-biography.

Why did the otter move from England to Spain? Because it’s a lot ‘otter there.

How did she respond? “You can’t commit! You’re just like all the otters!”

What else did he say? “You’re otter this world.”

What’s the quickest way for an otter to get rich? By playing the L-ottery.

What did the otter say to the joker? Pull the otter one!

What do you call an otter that can fly a plane? Otter-pilot.

Why don’t otters have to learn to swim? It comes to them otter-matically.

What did the otter mum say to her pup? “Always be kind to otters.”

When type of otter says “moo”?  One that is learning a new language

I might have been a bit bruised after I had a tussle with a sea mammal, but you should have seen the otter guy.

In otter news, I made a call to the zookeeper and she says that the pups are coming along swimmingly.

I got invited to a wedding at the zoo but I didn’t take a plus one as I don’t have a significant otter.

I get seals and other aquatic mammals mixed up. I really otter know better.

What type of cars do otters drive? Otter-mobiles

Why did the otter join NASA?  She wanted to get to otter space.

What do you call an otter who has new glasses? A see otter!

What do you call it when aquatic mammals steal cars? Grand theft otter.

Why are Otters so great? They’re just otterly delightful!

What should you ask a famous water mammal? Can I have your otter-graph?

Why wouldn’t the otter share his food? He was being shellfish!

What does an otter drive? A furrari!

How are the otter pups doing? They’re coming along swimmingly!

What did the river otter say when she split up with her boyfriend? ‘I think we should sea otter people!’

Why are otter pups always trying to cool down? They’re a little ‘otter than they like!

What did one otter say to the other? ‘I feel like we’re drifting apart!’

What’s got a tail, swims, and will defend you in court? Your otterney!

What did the grape say when the otter stepped on it? Nothing, it just let out a little wine!

“Have you tried chicken tarka?

It’s like chicken tikka but otter….”

“What do you call an otter’s uncle?

Brother from an otter mother”

“A bear, an otter, and a silver fox walk into a bar.

(They met on grindr)”

“Do you know in which country scientists have successfully crossed an otter and a human?

The otterman empire”

“Writing a book about a friend that lives with otters by the water

Going to call it “”homies otter sea”””

“What do you call a maternal Turkish robot water weasel?

An Ottoman otter-mom automaton.”

“A marauding group if small angry marine mammals trashed my house last night.

They left it an otter shambles i tell ya.”

“Have you ever tried beaver curry?

It’s just like a regular curry but a little otter!”

“I used to have 2 pets, but one sadly drowned

One couldn’t swim, the otter could.”

“What’s the difference between an otter and a navy aircrewman?

At least the otter knows he’s not a seal.”

Who is the most famous magical wizard otter? Harry Otter!

An otter was busy moving, but got very tired and sat down to rest. He said: I’m otterly bored of logging all of this around!

What type of bathtub do otters like to relax in? An otter tub!

What did the badger say to the weasel? You should always be kind to otters!

Why did the walrus choose to marry the dolphin? Because she was different from all the otters!

What did the otter lawyer say to the judge? Please let it be written in the log that my client is innocent! 

Why did the otter pull his hair out to get sent to Hogwarts? So that they’d recognize him as hair-rip otter! 

What was the otter’s favorite 90s rock song? You otter know, by Alanis Morisette!

What did the animal doctor say when she helped to deliver the tiny baby otter? Oh my, she is so ottorable! 

“What did Noah say when he realized some animals were missing from the ark?

We need to wait for the otters.”

“Why are otters so great?

They’re otterly delightful.”

“Two otter siblings got into a fight, and one ran to their mother to tattle. What did she say?

Honey, sometimes you have to turn the otter cheek.”

“Did you hear about the otter who could talk to ghosts?

He was in touch with the otter side.”

“What road do German otters drive on?

The otter-bahn.”

“What do you call a sea otter that can pick up an elephant?


An otter was getting ready to go up into space. He was going to have to leave the otter-mosphere.

Some otters got the opportunity to go to a movie premiere. They all got the ottergraph of their favorite celebrities.

“What did the otter mom say to her pups?

“I’ve had it up to here with your otter nonsense!””

They formed a symphony orchestra that plays popular music. What are they called? Why, the Otter Pops, of course.

You make us laugh, one way or the otter!

How do you save a drowning otter? Take your foot of its head

I’m going to combine my interests of taxidermy and bomb making by making you an otter you can’t defuse.

Why did the chicken go to the zoo? To get to the otter slide.

I get beavers and similar animals mixed up. I otter know better.

What do you call a food stamp inside of a burrito? An otter fortune cookie

How does an otter get into an honest business? Usually through the skylight.

What do you call an otter that can’t otter?A lazy otter.

The otter is the official state animal of California.

What did the otter say to the other otter? I otter know.

Scientology is odd, but not much otter than most other religions..

Did you hear about that new otter in town? He’s really something else!

An otter’s fur is waterproof.

I have to go. Otter-wise, I’ll be late.

I’m going to law school to become an otter-ney.

Otter Jokes

Otterly Hilarious Humor

If you’ve ever found yourself giggling at an otter’s playful antics, you’re not alone. The world of otter jokes is as vast and amusing as the rivers and coastal habitats these creatures call home. Ever heard the one about the otter who became a banker? He was an expert at managing “river assets.” Otter jokes don’t just float on the surface; they dive into a world of wit and whimsy that leaves audiences both young and old smiling from ear to ear.

A Puddle of Puns

What’s the favorite pastime of wordplay enthusiasts and otters alike? Crafting otter puns, of course! These puns are a slippery slope to endless amusement. Did you hear about the otter that became a chef? His dishes were “otterly” delicious, especially his signature clam chowder with a side of “seaweed salad.” Otter puns provide a gentle splash of joy, transforming simple play on words into ripple effects of laughter. Whether it’s a twist on an otter’s diet or their renowned social bonds, the otter pun is a mainstay in the realm of animal humor.

Otters at the Comedy Club

Jokes about otters aren’t confined to just puns; they’ve wiggled their way into comedy routines and social media memes as well. The otter’s playful nature makes them the perfect subject for a comedic exploration of life’s quirks. Why did the otter cross the road? To show the chicken how it’s really done! These jokes about otters reflect not only the animal’s unique characteristics but also our shared human experience. After all, who can resist laughing at an otter that carries a briefcase? It’s a “brief-case” study in humor that transcends species!

Dive into the Playful World of Otter Comedy

As you explore the world of otter jokes and otter puns, remember to bring along your sense of humor and a love for nature’s whimsical side. These fuzzy, frolicking comedians of the water world are sure to win you over with their charm and cleverness. So go ahead and let yourself be carried away by the current of otterly amazing humor. Just don’t be surprised if you find yourself chuckling at every otter you encounter. After all, otters don’t just play; they know how to make a splash in the comedy scene, too!

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