Elephant Puns

Have you ever tried to hide an elephant in a room? Impossible, right? Much like ignoring the gigantic, trunk-tastic potential for humor when it comes to elephant puns! These majestic, large-eared creatures aren’t just the behemoths of the savannah; they’re colossal in the comedy world too. 

When their immense charm meets our puny wordplay, it’s a stampede of giggles and guffaws. Ready to embark on a jumbo-sized journey of jocularity? Tusk, tusk, don’t delay! Let’s dive trunk-first into a world where the puns are as large and in-charge as the elephants themselves!

Best Elephant Puns

“What is as big as an elephant but weighs zero pounds?

An elephant’s shadow.”

“Why couldn’t the elephants go swimming at the pool?

They were always losing their trunks.”

“What do you get when you cross an elephant with a fish?

Swimming trunks.”

“What do cars and elephants have in common?

They both have trunks”

“What do you get when an elephant sneezes?

You get out of the way!”

“Why is it so easy for an elephant to get a job?

Because they’ll work for peanuts.”

“Why did the elephant cross the road?

It’s an elephant, so who’s going to stop him?”

“Why can’t an elephant’s trunk be 12 inches long?

Because then it would be a foot.”

“What is red and weights 14,000 pounds?

An elephant holding its breath.”

What do you call an elephant with an extra-long trunk? Smellephant.

“What do you get if you cross a cat with an elephant?

A flat cat.”

“What do you get when you cross an elephant with a witch?

I don’t know but she will need a very large broom!”

“What do you get when you cross a potato with an elephant?

Mashed potatoes!”

“Why do elephants wear tennies?

Because ninies are too small and elevenies are too big!”

Why was the elephant afraid of the computer store? Because they sold the world’s best mice.

“Why did the elephant change his socks?

Because they were dirty.”

“Why do elephants have a trunk?

They would look silly carrying a hatbox.”

“What did the worm say after he crawled under the elephant’s foot?

I’ll never have the guts to do that again!”

“What’s worse than an elephant with no shirt on?

A hippo-bottomless.”

“What time is it when an elephant sits on the fence?

Time to get a new fence.”

“What time is it when an elephant sits on an electric fence?

Time to get a new elephant!”

“Why didn’t the elephant wear pajamas at camp?

He forgot to pack his trunk.”

“Where do elephants with zits go?

To the pachydermatologist.”

Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees? Because they are really good at it.

How do you know if there’s an elephant under your bed? Your head hits the ceiling.

How do Indian and African elephants talk to each other? On an elephone!

What do you do when you find a blue elephant? Cheer it up.

What do you call an elephant that doesn’t matter? An irrelephant

Why are elephants big and gray? If they were small and purple, they would just be grapes.

What’s gray and goes around and around? An elephant in a washing machine.

“Why did all the elephants start going by nicknames?

They had just learned how to trunkate.”

What’s an elephant’s favourite type of music? Trunk-rock!

What did the elephant say to her son when he was naughty? “Tusk, tusk!”

How do you shoot a yellow elephant? Have you ever seen a yellow elephant?

What’s big and grey with horns? An elephant marching band!

Why do elephants wear shoes with yellow soles? So that you can’t see them when they float upside down in the custard.

What was the elephant doing on the motorway? About 5 mph.

How do you fit four elephants into a mini cooper? Two in the front, two in the back.

How do you know if there are two elephants in your fridge? When the door doesn’t quite close.

How do you know if there are three elephants in your fridge? They giggle when the light goes out.

Elephant graduation be like: they play the song “elephant and circumstance”

I bought my friend an elephant for his room. He said “Thanks”. I said “Don’t mention it”.

“What do elephants do at night?

Watch ‘elevision.”

“Why did the elephant ask to borrow a suitcase?

Because it only had a little trunk.”

“What did the elephant say to her sad friend?

I’m ear for you.”

“What did the elephant say when the man grabbed him by the tail?  

”This is the end of me!””

“Why were the elephants tossed out of the swimming pool? 

They couldn’t keep their trunks up!”

What is the difference between an elephant and a plum? An elephant is grey.

“When should you feed milk to a baby elephant?  

When it’s a baby elephant!”

Why are elephants so wrinkly? Well, have you ever tried to iron one?

“What do you call a flying elephant?

A jumbo jet.”

“Why can’t two elephants swim at the same time?

They only have a pair of trunks.”

How heavy is a Chinese elephant? Wonton.

What’s the opposite of an elephant? An eleph-antonym.

“Why do elephants drink?

To forget.”

“What do you give an elephant with diarrhea?

Plenty of room.”

What do you call a light-headed elephant? An ele-faint.

“How do you make an elephant fly?

Start with a three foot zip…”

“Why do elephants wear green shoes?

So they can sneak across pool tables.”

“Have you ever seen an elephant sneaking across a pool table?

Works, doesn’t it?”

What do you call an angry male elephant? Something nice.

I thought I had a great elephant joke, but I don’t think it’s relephant here.

What do you call an elephant in space? Lost.

What do you get if you have an elephant in your mailbox? A new mailbox.

Why did the elephant have a fight with his wife? Because he came home trunk.

What’s gray and really loud? A yell-ephant.

Why was the elephant afraid of the computer? It was scared of mice.

How do you make an elephant angry? You ask his wife to dinner one night.

What do elephants eat? Everything, they really can’t stick to a diet.

Why did the elephant get angry? He didn’t have his morning coffee.

Elephant Puns

Elephants, with their colossal size and endearing nature, have always captured our imaginations. But while their sizeable stature and awe-inspiring presence make them monarchs of the wilderness, it’s their ability to trample us with laughter that crowns them as comedic royalty. The world of elephant puns is an expansive savannah of wit, where the tusks are twisted, the trunks are tickled, and the humor is, well, elephantine. They are, if you will, the heavyweights of humor, and every quip carries with it the gravity and grace of these gentle giants.

Delving into the realm of elephant puns, one marvels at the sheer variety. We pun about their memory (“Why did the elephant bring a suitcase to school? Because he wanted to have trunkloads of knowledge!”), their size (“How do you raise a baby elephant? With a lot of uplifting!”) and even their eating habits (“Why did the elephant eat raw veggies? To trunk-cate cooking time!”). It’s a testament to their versatility in the comedy cosmos. These puns, in their trunk-tastic glory, navigate a fine line between magnifying the elephant’s grandeur and playfully nudging at their endearing quirks. It’s a dance of words and wit, where each step is as graceful as it is gleeful.

But perhaps the charm of elephant puns goes beyond just their play on words. Elephants, in their wisdom and calmness, resonate with us deeply. By juxtaposing their profound nature with light-hearted humor, we create a delightful blend of reverence and rib-tickling fun. They serve as a reminder that even in the face of life’s mammoth challenges, there’s room to trumpet joy, to find humor in the unexpected, and to cherish the lighthearted moments that come our way.

In wrapping up this foray into the world of elephantine jests, it’s clear that these titans of the animal kingdom offer a unique brand of humor that’s as impactful as their footprints. As we laugh at and with them, we’re reminded of life’s wonders, its vastness, and its potential for joy. So, the next time you’re faced with an ‘elephant in the room’, address it with a smile and a pun. After all, life, like an elephant’s heart, has ample space for bouts of boundless laughter.

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